Shannon Vincent

Shannon is a small business owner for over three years now with a primary focus on leveraging technology to solve business problems. She is an Vetted ClickUp Consultant who regularly helps small businesses increase productivity, create systems and processes and run more effectively. She is passionate about helping small business owners achieve more with less. Shannon is the owner of SMV Virtual Consulting, a team of virtual assistants who help small businesses owners with a variety of tasks, including day to day administrative tasks, scheduling, online research, operations, social media marketing, bookkeeping, and customer support. We take pride in being the behind-the-scenes team for growing businesses.

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For Over 3 1/2 years, SMV Virtual Consulting has been providing services through Upwork. We are a top-rated Upwork Agency with experience providing virtual assistant, system implementation, process and procedure implementation, ClickUp Consulting, Web Development, and other services.