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Our Experience

For Over 2 years, SMV has been providing services through Upwork. We are a top rated Upwork Agency with experience providing virtual assistant, system implementation, process and procedure implementation, web development and other services. 

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The Owner

Shannon Vincent

Business System and Process Consultant

SMV Virtual Consulting was started in 2018, out of a passion for streamlining and automating businesses, and a desire to help business owners get the systems and processes in place to speed up processes.

In the last two years, we’ve worked with business owners and Entrepreneurs throughout the country by diving into their day to day operations to increase efficiencies and help with the day to day.


Shannon has been an absolute asset to our team! Proactive, skilled, knowledgeable, systems thinker are all great descriptions of her and her approach. She always gets the job done and brings a positive and helpful attitude to every meeting. I strongly recommend her
Stephen Larson
CEO - Biotech Company
Shannon has been amazing! She helped take a lot off my plate while creating & managing systems where I previously had none. She responds to requests quickly but also takes initiative to come up with new ideas for streamlining. Plus, she's an amazing human being. Highly recommend!
Lee Dyson
Owner - DJ/MC - Hey Mister DJ
Shannon is an awesome virtual assistant (VA). Shannon has been my virtual assistant since October 2018. She helps run the back office of my real estate investment and management business. What I like about Shannon is that she's continually trying to figure out how to remove items off my plate. For example, when something comes up from a resident, she'll often ask how she can help - often before I ask! She's also great at regularly communicating, which is essential for building trust and genuinely reducing my stress because I know things are getting done.
James Furlo
Owner - Property Management Company
Shannon is FANTASTIC! As a sole proprietor, I need someone that I can give a little bit of direction to and he/she can take the lead. Shannon does this for me on a weekly basis. She is able to process a large amount of information quickly and devise a plan that leads to efficiency and quick, quality results. Additionally, she can see beyond the task at hand and make great recommendations for improving process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Kim Ritcher
CEO, Executive Recruitment Company - Denver, CO